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Allegedly Quite Fun
- Village Voice

Undeniably & Unapologetically Fun
- Switch Magazine

- Aural Fix

Dangerously Catchy
- Erie Times

Enough Hooks to Land a Whale
All Music Guide

Really Great.
- Derek Sivers, CDBaby

a stone’s throw away from the Strokes but with better vocals
- Starpolish

full of catchy, perfected pop gems... a promising debut from a real NYC rock trio
- ctmusic

Never heard of Evil Jake?  Don’t worry — soon they’ll be one of those bands that you end up changing the radio station when their latest over-played hit comes on…  Evil Jake call its music a mixture of power pop, punk and alt rock.  I just call it good music. - fm sound

Best CD/song title ever. The CD theme seems to be relationships from a male point of view. It features extremely clever lyrics (an understatement), think Elvis Costello meets They Might Be Giants, plus "get up and dance" music mixed with hint of rockabilly. Track seven: "Be my Ex-Girlfriend" alone is worth the price of admission - Aural Fix

[Evil Jake] delivered a fine set of rocking and instantly hummable tunes that all seem to be about relationships. Guitarist/vocalist Mike Jacobs told me that all great power pop is basically about relationships. I have to agree with him -- would you really want to hear Cheap Trick singing about global warming? 
And Evil Jake does an excellent job with their version of power pop. The songs are short, crisp and catchy as hell, just the way all good power pop should be. "Be My Ex-Girlfriend" features a rollicking countrified beat, while "Everything You Never Wanna Be" is a speedy rock tune allowing Jacobs to let loose with a short and sweet solo. Evil Jake made this tried-and-true form of music sound fresh and vital.
- Thomas Pizzola, Hartford Advocate

Evil Jake Rocks! - KANM Radio in College Station , TX

fun and energetic rock-n-roll with a good measure of rockabilly
-Aural Fix

I love their sense of humor almost as much as their sense of song structure.... She’s So Lonely is a stone’s throw away from the Strokes but with better vocals and marvelous drumming. The success they’ve had thus far is well earned: they combine pop, rock, postpunk and rockabilly influences in a unique way and have a sound all their own, with songs very well developed.

"It's great that Evil Jake is on MTV. Their checks always clear."
- John Popper (Blues Traveler), 8/24/03

I liked this album a lot. There was a great variety of songs; nice balance between melodically driven lyrics and heavy, rocking rhythms.
-Diane Rapaport
author of "A Music Business Primer" &
"How to Make & Sell Your Own Recording"

clever Replacements-lite - All Music Guide

Falling Man, this song is, for lack of another word, great...  Sweet pop/rock with an edge.  You can't go wrong with this band, as they simply ROCK...
- Gods of Music

great instrumentation from this guitar virtuoso…
- Lycos Music

Many bands play hyper-speed pop songs. Evil Jake initially presents itself as more of the same, until the songs have a couple of minutes to mature and the tight arrangements are shown to be supporting melodies with Elvis Costello's efficiency, the Go-Go's bounce, and a nod to 60's bands like The EasyBeats. No doubt the term "power pop" is fit to describe this synthesis of punk, pop, and the Nuggets collection of classic garage rock. What distinguishes Jake is their unique ability to get in, get out, and leave a danceable melody behind.
- RoundSound

...the leading candidate to bring back musicianship to rock and roll…
- Rod Brogan, ABC Radio

Evil Jake harkens back to the days when rock and roll was fresh and fun, and it is exactly these qualities needed in commercial radio today.
Switch Magazine

Imagine a scene in the TV show Friends where Chandler and Joey are running around in a panic trying to get to a shop before it closes…  Got that? Good, then you’ll understand She’s So Lonely is exactly the type of pleasant rock music they’ll be playing as a soundtrack to the aforementioned scene…  a jolly pop song being executed with style by a pro band.
- Gods of Music

Evil Jake, 10pm.  21 +  Cover
- The Ithaca Times

Road sign says: Rockin’ Straight Ahead, next 3 miles…  Yee Haaaaaa! I've loaded this song again since my initial listening of it, because it's so much darn fun.
- Redneck Martian Reviews

could easily be mistaken for career musicians...
- Silicon Alley Reporter

 Band di New York che fonde con disinvoltura le "nuove" sonorità power pop/punk, con un tocco glam e rockabilly...  così vi potrete godere anche voi i travolgenti power pop tunes... Lavoro interessante e divertente, che potrà accontentare sia i fan più datati che quelli più giovani. *
- Slamrock

the band pushes out a sound that shows a lot of talent and potential from start to finish...  Mike Jacobs has an excellent voice and showcases it through every song with grace and no wasted notes or unneeded screams.... the group has a bright future in the power pop business
 - Slammalot

I can't stop listening… Why has to be the sexiest sounding song I've ever heard...
*sigh* I think I love you...
- a Fan


* [TRANSLATION] Band from New York which finely merges the new power pop/punk sound with a touch of glam and rockabilly...  you too will be able swept away by the power pop tunes...  interesting and fun work that will suit both younger and older...

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