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Evil Jake, NYC rock mainstays in the mid-00s, are reuniting for one night only in Manhattan, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Be My Ex-Girlfriend album (backing vocals from Sam Endicot of the Bravery, produced by Adam Lasus of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah / Army Navy credits).



Saturday, May 11 @ 9pm

Arlene's Grocery - 95 Stanton St. NYC 10002

(212) 358-1633

Tix $10, link:


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NYC rock legends Evil Jake reunite for their first show in almost a decade, returning to their original stomping grounds on the Lower East Side for one night only, with their longtime compatriots and NYC mainstays FRANK as special guests. After being featured on MTV, NBC, Bravo, Fuel TV, Jack Black's "School of Rock", and radio stations across the country, and sharing stages in the US and Europe with the likes of The Strokes, The Bravery, and Charlie Daniels Band, Evil Jake called it quits at their peak. This is their first appearance in nearly a decade, and the tenth anniversary of their critically acclaimed “Be My Ex-Girlfriend” record. Produced by Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Army Navy, J. Mascis, Juliana Hatfield), and featuring backup vocals from Sam Endicott of The Bravery, the album spawned the single of the same name that received airplay across the country.

The lineup:

  • Mike Jacobs, guitar/vocals –  Fixture on the East Coast music scene on the 00s.  Founding member of top NYC Power Pop band The Pasties and has been called a "Guitar Virtuoso" by the national press, which has covered his work since his precocious club days at age 15. Mike has shared the stage with Charlie Daniels Band, The Strokes, The Bravery, Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Colin Hay (Men at Work), Jared Scharff (Saturday Night Live), John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen), Josh Dodes (Marc Cohn, Maceo Parker), Sarth Calhoun (Metallica, Lou Reed), and countless others.


  • David Leatherwood, bass - Member of several major label bands, including Patti Rothberg, Puracane, and Mach Five. Opened for Depeche Mode, Aerosmith, Sting, Duran Duran, Live & Fuel.

  • Adam Fischel, drums – From the Debbie Gibson band. No, not kidding there. He’s awesome. Also played with the Jersey Boys

  • Aaron Trubic, guitar - Session player extraordinaire, played on countless recording with the likes of Akon, Outkast, Sonia Leigh, The Wheeler Boys, Tinsley Ellis, and Roy Lee Johnson (James Brown).


Brooklyn stalwarts FRANK have been bringing their eclectic mix of accessible rock, angular improvisation and earnest soul to their loyal following since the turn of the century.  Having shared the stage with acts such as Lice, The Goo Goo Dolls and God Street Wine, the members of FRANK take their name seriously, and prize honest songwriting, addictive grooves, bold improvisation and sonic texturing above any of the fickle trappings of modern day image-obsessed mainstream music.



"Undeniably & Unapologetically Fun" - Switch Magazine

"a stone’s throw away from the Strokes but with better vocals" - Starpolish

"Enough Hooks to Land a Whale"- All Music Guide

"Really Great" - Derek Sivers, CDBaby

"full of catchy, perfected pop gems " - ctmusic

"Dangerously Catchy" - Erie Times

"Allegedly Quite Fun" - Village Voice


Evil Jake is about superior pop songwriting, refined virtuosity, and kick-ass live performances in the vintage rock style.  Unlike so many of today’s so-called bands who live and die by detuned power chords and Pro Tools deception, the boys of Evil Jake can PLAY.  With songs that’ll shake your ass while breaking your heart, Evil Jake layers and intertwines parts to create a 'veneer of sound' - no smoke, no mirrors, just great musicians playing great songs. 


Produced by Adam Lasus (Juliana Hatfield, Gigolo Aunts, J. Mascis).  Tracks from this album have been featured on MTV, in several movies, and on radio stations across the country


•             USO CELEBRITY TOUR (Bosnia, Kosovo, Iceland, Hungary, Austria) w/ Joan Jett, Roger Clemens & more - May 2004

•             #1 indie rock CD on CDBaby

•             1,000,000+ downloads on mp3.com -  #1 in Rock… beating out Green Day, Deftones, Offspring, and 75,000 other bands

•             Tours of US (multiple), UK (twice), Iceland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Bosnia, Kosovo

•             Music featured on 4 MTV series (inc. Real World and Road Rules), Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and Fox Sports Network/Fuel TV

•             featured in Jack Black’s School of Rock & Macy Gray Mountain Dew commercial

•             National Retail Distribution - CD via HepCat/AEC, merchandise via Hot Topic

•             CMJ radio charting; airplay on 200+ stations (promotion by Planetary Group)

•             Full-length debut CD with producer Adam Lasus (Army/Navy, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Juliana Hatfield, Gigolo Aunts, PJ Harvey, J. Mascis)

•             Winner in the Hard Rock Café Battle of the Bands, Jim Beam Rock Band Search, and the CornerBand / Kazaa Best Bands Contest




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"Enough Hooks to Land a Whale" - All Music Guide

"Undeniably & Unapologetically Fun"  - Switch Magazine

"Dangerously Catchy" - Erie Times


Be My Ex-Girlfriend
Album Cover

!!!Click here for mp3s!!!


  • USO CELEBRITY TOUR (Bosnia, Kosovo, Iceland, Norway, Austria) w/ Joan Jett, Roger Clemens & more - May 2004

  • 1 indie rock album on CDBaby!!!

  • 100k downloads, #1 in Power Pop, #3 in Rock on mp3.com!!!

  • Multiple US and European Tours

  • Music featured on 4 MTV series (inc. Real World & Road Rules), Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and on Fox Sports Network/Fuel TV

  • featured in Jack Black's School of Rock & a Macy Gray Mountain Dew Commercial

  • debut full length CD w/ producer Adam Lasus (Juliana Hatfield, Gigolo Aunts, Madder Rose)

  • National Retail Distribution - CD via HepCat/AEC, merchandise via Hot Topic

  • National Radio Promotion with Planetary Group

  • selected as one of Cornerband / Kazaa's Top 30 Bands

  • winner of the Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands

  • winner of the Jim Beam Rock Band Search
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a stone’s throw away from the Strokes but with better vocals  - Starpolish

Evil Jake harkens back to the days when rock and roll was fresh and fun, and it is exactly these qualities needed in commercial radio today. - Switch Magazine

Best CD/song title ever.... WHY AREN’T THESE GUYS SIGNED? - Aural Fix

rocking and instantly hummable tunes... the songs are short, crisp and catchy as hell, just the way all good power pop should be... Evil Jake made this tried-and-true form of music sound fresh and vital.  - Thomas Pizzola, Hartford Advocate



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