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EvilCrew - Street Team & Sales Reps

Wanna join the Evil Jake team?
Wanna earn FREE STUFF for promoting Evil Jake?

SIGNUP - Be the official rep for Evil Jake in your hometown... Simply contact us and tell us why you LOVE Evil Jake!  

The EvilCrew helps spread the word about Evil Jake.  We just added an additional level of EvilCrew - you can now step up their involvement and become a Sales Rep (but you don't have to if you don't want to).  Make sure you read about it below.

Evil Crew Details - Sales Rep Details - FREE Stickers
Posters & Flyers You Can Print

EvilCrew Description

The goal of the EvilCrew is simple - GET PEOPLE INTERESTED IN EVIL JAKE!!!

Have your friends, classmates, coworkers, and family check out the music and the site, and get them (if they dig it) to sign up for the mailing list. The mailing list part is really important. If people like us, but we can't tell them about gigs and news, then we may never get to tell them about shows. So let 'em know, and make them sign up!


Well, there are lots of ways to get people into Evil Jake. You can tell all your friends at school/work. You can wear your Evil Jake stickers / merchandise / whatever proudly, and make sure people see. You can send e-mail to your friends and family (but not people you don't know... that is SPAM) telling them about Evil Jake. You can hang out in your favorite music-related chat-rooms, or even at the local mall, and tell people you like us. Tell them all to check out, contact us, or call the Evil Jake hotline at (212) 753-1888 to get on the mailing list.

Here are  some forums you might want to check out..

and let us know if you come up with any good boards to post on...

Also, how about adding an Evil Jake signature to your e-mail? Most e-mail programs will let you automatically add a message at the end of each e-mail. How about a note about Evil Jake and a link to

If you have any other cool ideas, or places you can promote Evil Jake, let us know! We'd love to hear from you!

What you get as a Street Team Rep

  • Access to exclusive stuff, like shows, music, and merchandise, that the "regular" fans just can't get
  • You'll also get to talk *directly* to the band.
  • Guestlist privileges when Evil Jake comes to your town (When available, first come first serve.)
  • Invite to the "Rep Only" show we plan on throwing in 2002.
  • And the Crew members that introduce the most people to Evil Jake will get MORE FREE STUFF! WHOO-HOO!
  • I'm sure we will come up with other stuff as we go. You are not financially committed to selling CD's.

Sound good? Well, then send a note with your contact information to us and start spreading the EvilWord!!!

Make sure you check out the new EvilCrew Discussion Board.

NEW!  Posters and Flyers you can print out! (.pdf format).

POSTERS (8.5" x 11")
right click here
to download the poster
FLYERS (4 on 1 page)
right click here
to download the flyers

Just print out one or both, fill in all the key gig details, and then make as many copies as you can.  Then, start spreadin' the word...

You will need acrobat reader to view/print these files... don't worry, most people have it and its FREE anyway.  In case you don't, just go here and download it for free.

Sales Reps

Sales Reps are All of the same things as above...AND...

You help us spread Evil Jake's music by selling our CDs in your local community.  And you'll earn FREE STUFF with every CD you sell.

How it works

First off you will send us a check for $25...which covers half the cost of your first Rep Shipment of CD's (we will take care of shipping). We will then send you 10 CDs to sell at $5 each to friends, family, random people walking down the street...anyone and everyone you can.  When you are done, you send the other half of the $$. If you want to start with more than 10 that's fine too...just send whatever half of the payment would be...when you are through selling we will send you more CD's if you would like...just let us know.

What you get as a Sales Rep

  • All of the above privileges PLUS...
  • A BONUS autographed CD with your first shipment (so you'll get 11 CDs in all)
  • 20 CDs sold gets you a free Evil Jake T-shirt
  • 30 CDs sold gets you any piece of Evil Jake merchandise shown on the site
  • 50 CDs sold gets you dinner on Evil Jake next time he is near your town.
  • ... and we will keep coming up with more incentives!


If you would like to become a Sales Rep (contact us) and you can send a check or money order for $25 (or half of the amount of Cd's you would like to start with) payable to Mike Jacobs to the following address:

Mike Jacobs / Evil Jake
954 Third Ave. #701
New York, NY 10022

Or, if you'd like to pay by credit card, just click here and pay for this "item".


IIf you have any questions about anything please feel free to contact us and we will answer the best we can.

Thanks again for your interest, and your patience.

 - Mike, David, and Paul

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NEW: If you see a show coming up in your area and would like to help promote you can download Evil Jake Day show flyers right here:



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