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Paul Campanella
drums, vox

Paul hit the skins with sticks, fingers, and reckless abandon... He also sings just like the guy in Men at Work.

While Aaron was sneaking into bars at age 16, Paul was playing in bars at the age of 15! Even with years of formal musical training, Paul still hates to practice and has no viable work ethic when it comes to his drumming. He exp.lains - "I would much rather play a gig every other night of my life and have people watch me on stage than practice rudiments in my basement by myself." Paul is not like other drummers in ANY way! He changes his drumheads once every 6 or 7 years, buys sticks and cymbals every 4 years and has still to this day, never used a road case for his "vintage" Sonor Phonic series drumset.

One would think that with Paul's lazyness and "unmuscianlike" manners, no one would hire him! However, he has made a name for himself in the Buffalo area performing with the likes of Barbara St. Clair, Junction West, Leeron Zydeco, and local country star Jim Yeomans. Paul also woked with 3 former members of Amherst and MCA Records' rock/fusion band, Gamalon - (George Puleo, Bruce Brucato, and Geoff Perry.) During this time he was also voted Top Blues Drummer in Buffalo for two consecutive years (1995 and 1996). Not too bad for a guy who NEVER practices!

In 1999, Paul moved from Buffalo to New York City and has worked with bands like Spill, Paul Mark & The Van Dorens, and Mary Anne Marino Band (November Project). Some people found Paul so cool that they mentioned him in the new book, "Don't Bother Knockin, This Town's A Rockin!" (A History of Buffalo Rock & Roll and R&B Music)... click here for more info.

Buffalo, NY

Worked With:
A whole crapload of bands that no one has ever heard of...(mostly from Buffalo)

Favorite Artists:
Macy Gray, Deep Purple, Macy Gray, Firefall, Macy Gray (especially in the new Mountain Dew Commercial), Neil Diamond, Macy Gray, Evan & Jaron, Macy Gray and Wolf Blitzer...

Drums, sticks, razor.  Paul uses Silverfox Drumsticks.

Things Paul Hates:
musicians, music stores, drummers that practice, slow drivers, Buffalo politics, corporate red tape, people who don't read the owners' manual for their consumer electronics products...

Things Paul Likes:
beer, loud women, being lazy, sleeping, buying things with credit cards, buying things on the internet, head rubs, shuffleboard...

Things Paul Does Alot but Doesn't Realize He Does It:
flatulate, throat clearing, spend money, sing outloud and off key, complain about lower back pain, eat, visits his own website...

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