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David Leatherwood
bass, vox

The big fat bottom end of Evil Jake is held down, in part, by the "unconventional" David Leatherwood.  David has rocked the house with Patti Rothberg, Puracane, and Mach Five.

Other Former Bands:
Here are a few of the worst perpetrators: Lesleez, Scarecrows, Big Fag, Fugitives, Catwalk, Jumblies, Watt Tyla, Shimmer, Cherri Redd, Skin Trade, Purple Moon Giants, Keeta Speed, Star 69, Ki Lo, Eric Schenkman & the Chrysalids, Sugarglider, Dirty Stay Outs, Mach Five, Puracane, Roi, Patti Rothberg Band, Erin Jividen, 2... (yes, there are more)

You can read an interview with David here.

David's Tips for Surviving in NYC as a Musician:
All you need is the following, easy-to-obtain materials:

  1. A $500 apartment downtown in the Village (for ease of transportation and seduction).
  2. About $30,000 in equipment
  3. Several low-interest-rate, high-limit credit cards
  4. A Sugar-Mama with a stable career who has a car and knows how to cook

david leatherwooddavid leatherwood

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