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Never heard of Evil Jake?  Don’t worry — soon they’ll be one of those bands that you end up changing the radio station when their latest over-played hit comes on…  Evil Jake call its music a mixture of power pop, punk and alt rock.  I just call it good music.  - fm sound

Evil Jake is an NYC-based melodic Rock band that puts Power back in “Power Pop”.  Mixing the best of post-punk alternative psycho power pop with a shot of rockabilly and a twist of glam - or something like that - Evil Jake is already taking the world by storm.

Evil Jake is about superior pop songwriting, refined virtuosity (no shred here), and kick-ass live performances in the vintage rock style.  Unlike so many of today’s so-called bands who live and die by detuned power chords and Pro Tools deception, the boys of Evil Jake can PLAY.  With guitar virtuosity that’ll shake your ass while breaking your heart, backed by a rock-solid yet explosive rhythm section, Evil Jake layers and intertwines parts to create a 'veneer of sound' - no smoke, no mirrors, just great musicians playing great songs.

Evil Jake harkens back to the days when rock and roll was fresh and fun, and it is exactly these qualities needed in commercial radio today - Switch Magazine

With a tip of the hat to the past, and a damn-the-torpedoes vision for the future, Evil Jake will make you remember just how much FUN a kick-ass band can be.  With influences ranging from KISS to Motown, The Ramones to Phil Ramone, Evil Jake has been compared to a range of bands including Weezer, Foo Fighters, Elvis Costello, and The Police.  The hooks, the licks and the attitude are all in place.  Within months of its debut, Evil Jake was already in rotation at stations around the world, kicking butt on, appearing on national television, and packing clubs with their vibrant form of rock. 

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