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May 31

Evil Jake rocks American Trash AND Hogs and Heifers over the long Memorial Day weekend.  All goes well except for the bike gang incident.

But the band handles things with style, and invide The Lizard up to sing a few tunes.

Camel Toe / Fluffy / Misty share the American Trash bill, and raise some eyebrows and other things.

May 21

Jen Campanella gives birth to Isadora Grace.

Evil Jake puts up NEW LIVE MP3s (from the Arlene CD Release) to celebrate.  Please support the band (and its dependents) by playing the songs as often as you can.

May 19

Evil Jake rocks Philly.  They get a green card (more later).  Two new Evil Jake fans change in the van because they think we're cute.  We shall return.

May 12

Long Island show rocks.  A local waitress buys Mike drinks, only minutes before being cut off for being too drunk.  Happy Mother's Day!

May 1

Evil Jake books a Boston show... opening up for Harlow!  Yes, that Harlow, of VH1 Bands on the Run Fame.

April 26

Rain can't stop the parade of the Elbow Room gig.  Lovely Tif shows up to represent BrotherJimmy's, a sponsor of the upcoming benefit we're playing.

April 24

Philly gig rocks, but Paul forgets his cymballs onstage back at the club.  He remembers at a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnkpike.  He has to drive back down and get them tomorrow.

April 22

Gemma says:  "Why has Sharon got a mention on the website and not me? I'm 'livid'."  We tell her its only because she hasn't e-mailed us before, so she can't blame us, only jet lag.  Luckily, she repairs the damage and closes her message with "Looking forward to your European tour where Sharon and I can throw our underpants at you while you're on stage in true groupie fashion."

Wow, first underwear from Lasky, and now from British chicks...  We're moving up in the grand scheme.  Say, what kind of underwear do they wear in England, anyway?  We'll let you know.

April 21

Mike leaves a message for Roberta.

The second Ithaca in a week gig rocks.  Erik gets into a car accident on the drive down from Buffalo.  The good thing is, he nets us a new fan....  Ashley B. from Ithaca writes in to say "My dad pulled Some guy named Erik over and they gave him the copy of Music to strip by!"

Go Erik!

3 Point Turn puts on a rockin' set, so we decide that we have to play everything 25% faster.  It works... a pit starts, and Aaron's hand is bloody by the end of the gig.

April 18

Red Bank is a blast.  We work on new material, and sneak in a Saint gig for May.  Shady, shady.  We return to the diner and bother young girls in Blink 182 t-shirts.

April 16

Sharon says "I am polite - I'm British".

April 13

Ithaca rocks!  We afterparty with the coeds and somehow make it back to the hotel (but not before ordering $50 worth of pizza for the drunken latehangers).  Now I begin to understand why they make us pay $7 for beer in NYC.

Thanks to the Agents and Capital Rawq for playing with us.

April 7

We head to American Trash to play acoustic for the kiddies.  We meet some nice British chicks and hang with them for a few hours.

It all comes to an abrupt end when Ryan tells them "***" (comment deleted, something about England, the US, and the "smallest f*king province in the German empire").  "I'm livid, I'm livid!", yells the not-too-easy-to-enlivid Sharon.  She later writes "Ryan did not ruin it for all other Americans, although I do suggest that you have a word with him about his conversational/social skills."

Getting psyched for the Ithaca gig this weekend.  Gathering up a few people to come in the van with us, or meet us at the show.  Road trips rule!

April 6

Arlene Grocery gig was AWESOME.  Cybercast will go up soon.  We'll also be posting some live tracks from it real soon.

April 5

Switch Magazine (a skateboarding magazine) reviews us.  Not the world's greatest review, but they do say "Evil Jake harkens back to the days when rock and roll was fresh and fun, and it is exactly these qualities needed in commercial radio today."

April 3

Down to DC where we rock the house at Velvet Lounge.  We didn't make contact with any other moving (or stationary) vehicles this time.  Hani shows us the pizza place that shows Friends episodes at 7pm every weekday.

April 2

Evil Jake spends the day in glorious Red Bank, NJ, home of Kevin Smith, Jay & Silent Bob, and the set of Chasing Amy.  We rehearsed for hours, and then partook in the local flavors.  Finished off two new tunes (here 'em at the DC and Arlene gigs) and some new ribaldry.

April 1

Buffalo trip was great.  We brought a caravan up to WNY and saw a lot of old friends, including the gang at Mademoiselle.  They tell us Ice is in Guam?!!?  Jamie, I mean Roberta, is still pissed at us.

Paul hits a parked car.... across from Aaron's mom's place.

March 18

Parkside Lounge gig was cool, and then we head to legendary Hogs & Heifers (where we also once played).  Mole "introduces" the band (but forgets our name).  A St. Patty's Day Massacre!!!

March 11

Evil Jake returns from its VEGAS HOOTENANY!!!  The boys take a suite at the Venetian on the strip for some ribaldry and such.  OK, we can't give you most of the details.  Just know that there are Evil Jake stickers all over Vegas... and a number of its inhabitants...  Ask us a the next gig.

But we will tell you this... Aaron saved a pit boss' life!  While the A-man was playing Blackjack at the Venetian, the pit boss keeled over from a heart attack.  Aaron jumped up and applied CPR... and the pit boss lived!

No, this isn't a joke.  You can call The Venetian and confirm this...  just another day in the life of Evil Jake.

Press release on the Macy Gray Van

March 8

The NEW EVIL JAKE CD is now available for preorder.  The first 60 copies will be AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND!  Click here to order your copy!!

March 4

We found the Macy Gray Mountain Dew commercial online!  Finally!  Click here to watch it in quicktime.  And know that those few seconds made us $10k and paid for the van...  We don't know who the guy who walked in front of the Aaron is.  (we show up a couple seconds after you first see the guitar player)



Evil Jake is in contention to be the opening act for Guster at Yale's Spring Fling.  Because Evil Jake ROCKS (oh yeah, and certain members went to Yale), this should be a no-brainer, right?  Well, they're still "thinking about it", for some reason.

Click here to send them a note and tell them to go with Evil Jake!

Nw you, too, can be an angry singer-singwriter...

March 1

The new CD is sent to press.  Get one from the original run FOR ONLY $5 by clicking here.

We're also working on some new (black) t-shirts.  We still have some of the white ones available here.

RoundSound gives Evil Jake a review.

Feb 27

Lucy Liu, star of Ally McBeal and Charlie's Angles, names Evil Jake as her favorite band.
Read more about Lucy's Evil Love

Feb 25

Mike auditions for Limp Bizkit... sorta...

While in Buffalo for the last gig, Aaron and Mike stopped in at Guitar Center for some strings, and ran right into the LB tour bus

Says Mike:

I went to hang out at the auditions, and see what was going on (at about 1 pm), but didn't audition. I just watched all the cheesy looking people with their Ibanez 7-strings and bad clothing waiting online for their shot.  I did, however, do a post-audition interview, and basically said every 6 seconds.  They asked me numerous questions about the performance I didn't make.  At the end, they asked what I would do differently if I could do it again.

I said "I'd use a pick".

Feb 24

SoundzBar gig rocked, but Mike sprains his ankle loading in.  He plays with a limp, and the Tragik fans go mad (and request Blink 182).  He can't finish his beer, though.  The 125th Street Taco Bell is closed, so we go to the Mickey D's walk-up window before heading to the (lousy) afterparty.

Paul loses his keys.  Seen 'em?

Oh yeah, and we won that dosh darned award over there.

Feb 19

Aaron is back in town, so we have no other choice but to...

watch Eddie and the Cruisers 2!!!
(official title Eddie and the Cruiser II:  Eddie Lives!)

"A man in a rush starts taking shortcuts.  And I won't shortcut the music!"

Feb 12

We found the Macy Gray Mountain Dew commercial online!  Finally!  Click here to watch it in quicktime.  And know that those few seconds made us $10k and paid for the van...  We don't know who the guy who walked in front of the Aaron is.  (we show up a couple seconds after you first see the guitar player)

The Ithacan article is published...

Feb 9

5 am.  Just got back from Ithaca and our fun gig with Agent Double 0 Zero.  Can't sleep.  We tried to fight the power when the club changed its mind (hours before showtime) & not allow under 21 folks in, but they called our "we won't play" bluff, and ended up rocking to a hundred plus cold Cornell/Ithaca fans.  Mike accidentally insults the entire first row of dancing coeds.

Agent Double 0 Zero will be joining us on the Feb 23 Soundzbar NYC gig, so make sure to come early (9pm) and check them (and their rockin' brand of ska/punk/pop) out.

The Ithacan also sent down a lovely reporter and photographer to cover the gig and interview the band for an upcoming article.

Also, Slammalot does a neat review of the CD.

Feb 3

A thief gets access to a credit card and goes nuts purchasing things on the Internet.  And what does he choose to buy... EVIL JAKE MERCHANDISE!

We're not kidding.  Our merchandise fulfillment place reported to us that someone used a stolen credit card to buy an Evil Jake hooded sweatshirt and mug.  I guess you need the goods so you don't become someone's bitch in prison.

Even if you *don't* have a stolen credit card, you too can buy your own (and Evil Jake Valentine Stuff) by simply clicking here.

The best picture ever.

Feb 2


RED DRAGON PHOTOAaron and Carson Daly almost get into a fight at Evil Jake NYC hangout American Trash.  A drunk Aaron asks ID-checking Carson what his top ten albums of all time are, and Carson yells back "you know how many times I get that question?"

Lets just say Aaron doesn't like being talked down to.  He has to be "escorted" home.

But, we feel for Carson.  He is so brainwashed by his own TRL-ness that the label he started starts off by signing the brother of the guy in n'sync.  Not only is he helping to promote the crap of this world, he's now MAKING IT HIMSELF.

(girl in photo has nothing to do with this article)

Feb 1

Flickerstick Concert leads to crash!

Evil Jake and Macy Pearl (the van) get into a bit of a crash and scuffle with a NYC taxi.  It was completely our fault, but once the cabbie gets caught aimin' for a bribe, the NYC cops break it up.  See the video  (you'll need realplayer).

Mike's alma also does an article on Evil Jake and such...  Yale Daily News

January 27

WNY gigs ROCKED!  Thanks Buffalo and Rochester (and Dana).  We'll be back in March.

January 25

Evil Jake salutes Yngwie Malmsteen this week for showing some patriotism.  Yngie may be fat and bloated, but he still ROCKS.

January 20

Evil Jake heads up to Rochester/Buffalo this weekend for some WNY action, and to put some finishing touches on the NEW CD.

Thanks to all those who came out to the VU gig in the SNOW.  Yeah Aaron, I know its nothing compared to Buffalo.

We'd also like to welcome the newest member of the Evil Jake team - Johnny, Aaron's new hat.

January 19

Evil Jake gets the cover of HEET magazine, an international indine music zine.  We're trying to find out where they sell it.

Evil Jake also gets into an auto "incident" while promoting at the Flickerstick gig.  You can see the video here (right click to save to your hard drive).  You'll need realplayer.

January 10

You can now buy the Evil Jake CD Online at CDStreet or CDBaby... plus get Evil Jake Stickers!

December 25

Happy Holidays all!

Mike leaves for some fun and sun in LA, and Paul and Aaron are trapped under 7 feet of snow in Buffalo...  we'll see you all back in NYC for the Village Underground gig, or the WNY tour...

We also have a rough cut of the Fox Sports television bit with Evil Jake on the soundtrack.  Click here to check it out (you need realplayer).  Once they finish putting in the real titles (and Evil Jake info), you'll be able to see it on Fox.... the show is called "Playground Earth" and its a weekly series.

Plus, an Italian site does a feature on us.  Does anyone know what the hell this means?

ADDENDUM - [TRANSLATION] Band from New York which finely merges the new power pop/punk sound with a touch of glam and rockabilly...  you too will be able swept away by the power pop tunes...  interesting and fun work that will suit both younger and older...

December 16

The PSEUDO gig is a raging success.  Over 250 folks came out in the cold to hear us rock the house and partake in numerous delicacies.  Thanks to all who came out in the cold and traffic.  But, don't you know, the afterparties are always better.

A Belgian site does a feature on Evil Jake.

Also, a German radio station contacts us about featuring us on their weekly Alternative Rock show.  Anybody ever heard of Radio Quer 104,6? 
What the hell is with the Europeans and their abuse of commas, anyway?  What's wrong with a period?

December 15

Evil Jake returns to the top of the charts!

click here to go to and play our music to help us hit #1 overall!

December 14

Lit now knows Evil Jake. Mike, Aaron, Paul, and Hegg went to the show at Bowery Ballroom last night to hand out flyers.  Aaron chucked a CD at the roadie and almost killed him. They threatened to kill us after the show, but kept the CD.

November 24

The Big NYC Gig is booked with top NYC rockers Buster Mojo at PSEUDO, a really cool space with views of Madonna's apartment and the Empire State Building (see it...) and we have it for the whole night!  Come on down and party with us!   details...

Also, Evil Jake music will be on the SOUNDTRACK of a Fox Sports Network television bit.  No joke.  Some kind of RAD / X-Games type coverage - something with guys boating down some river. They're using She's So Lonely, Falling Man (sped up... wow), and a song from Mike's solo days.
More details to come.

November 19

We get coverage on  Pretty much just a copy of our description and a link back here.  Still, we're happy for the promo.

Read a review for Evil Jake at 

November 20


No joke.  For those of you following the news, you already know that Evil Jake is featured in the new Macy Gray Mountain Dew commercial (as seen during the World Series).  Well, we've now signed our SAG contracts, and it looks like we'll be getting MUCHO $ from this gig... enough to buy ourselves A CONVERSION VAN (pictures on the way).  Yes, its true... we will soon be the proud owners of Evil One, the official transportation of Evil Jake.  A poetically Grey Ford Mark VII with Burgundy carpeted interior, blinds, magazine racks, a skylight, a cooler, a bed and a HUGE Evil Jake logo soon to be applied.  If you're cute, you might just get a ride.

BTW, the first person to tape the Macy Gray Mountain Dew commercial (the one with us in it) and send it to us will get a free CD, a free T-shirt, and a bunch of other free stuff.  Just contact us and let us know you got it...

November 19


Mike, Hegg, and TV's Rod Broganattended a recent taping of the NYC television show "The Daily Beat". We were seated right next to Sebastian, who was talking about alcoholism, his Broadway appearances, and Gene Simmon's coffin.  The producers gave him a KISS Box Set on air, and he opened it during one of the commercials.  Sebastian passed the booklet to us to check out, and, when he gets it back, he opens it and, lo and behold, there is an Evil Jake sticker RIGHT on the page he lands on.  "What the f*ck is this?" he whines... Rod was like 'uh, donno, uh, well...' forgetting that he has a big Evil Jake sticker on his chest (we made him put it on before the taping begun).  Then he remembers to say "its Mike's band".

Some other tidbits we learned on the show: Sebastian will never make a Skid Row behind the music because he doesn't want the guys "who kicked me out of the band" to get any free exp.osure, and he says "f*ck" a lot.

November 15

Evil Jake hits #3 on the Rock charts! (Includes Power Pop, Glam, Groove, Acoustic and more...)
We're ahead of Bon Jovi, Tantric, and ACDC in the overall rankings!!!

click here to see the big chart

November 8

Evil Jake was featured on Buffalo Rock Review and Ladies Nite TV this week...

November 6

Evil Jake hits #1 on the Power Pop charts!
We're also ahead of The Offspring, Deftones, and Flickerstick in the overall rankings!!!

click here to see the big chart

BTW, the first person to tape the Macy Gray Mountain Dew commercial (the one with us in it) and send it to us will get a free CD, a free T-shirt, and a bunch of other free stuff.  Just contact us and let us know...

In friends news...
Rod's Law and Order episode airs, and Devon gets a part on Frasier.

November 4

Evil Jake hits #2 on the Power Pop charts and climbing...

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Buffalo gig, especially the kind staff of Mademoiselle.

November 3

You can now get...

Buy any of our merchandise or the CD online, and get a FREE EVIL JAKE STICKER PACK. Just e-mail your receipt (with your address) to contact us and we'll mail you out a bunch of Evil Jake stickers!

November 1

2/3 of Evil Jake (Aaron & Mike) are featured in the new Macy Gray Mountain Dew commercial being shown nationwide!  Cameron from San Francisco called in to tell us he saw it.

Watch TV all day today and you'll probably see us (its on during the World Series). Unfortunately, it was shot in Central Park the day after a gig (sans shower) and we look pretty punk.... we were only a few blocks from the Evil Jake NYC headquarters and barely awake.

But we will get PAID!

In other news, the first official strip to an Evil Jake song happens at Mademoiselle.  Thanks, Ice.  Angel repeats the feat one day later, not believing it was actually us on the CD.

October 31

NEWS FLASH! Evil Jake completes recording of their debut CD, Music to Strip By!!!

Check it out FREE DOWNLOADS on the music page.

October 15
Gigs being scheduled now for the Buffalo and NYC areas... more details to come.

September 25
EVIL JAKE to attend BAND CAMP in Buffalo....

Yes, it is true... The Boys of Evil Jake will be moving to the lovely city of Buffalo, NY, to write, rehearse, and record during the month of October. They anticipate completing the basic tracks of their upcoming CD, A Season of Cold, while up there. Pre-production has already begun with Tobias Paul, engineer and studio owner, who has worked on projects with Rain All Ready, Michael Arden, Purple, and a number of Buffalo-area and national acts.

Read their journal entries here...

They also plan to do a number of gigs in the NY/Canada area, so make sure you tell all your friends nearby.

Band Camp, BABY!

For those of you who don't know, Buffalo is the hometown of both Aaron and Paul. We plan to spend October in "Band Camp" working on the set (yeah!) and the upcoming CD (whoo-hoo!), and playing some gigs (yippie!). We'll be holed up in a house recording, writing, rehearsing, and entertaining people who remind us of our moms. The move has nothing to do with the tragedy, as we had planned this for months. We are very psyched to get our demo together and play some "warm-up" gigs before the BIG NEW YORK CITY DEBUT. We'll track the progress of all of the band camp hijinks on our site... RIGHT HERE

What does this means for you? Funny you should ask.

Know anyone in Buffalo or nearby? Let us know at
contact us. We'll be making some tour stops in and around glorious Buffalo. Gigs are being scheduled as your read this, targeted for the end of October. Have some ideas where we should play? Have some friends who might want to help and check out the gig? Then let us know at contact us.

Get your Evil Jake merchandise! You know you'll want to have it for when we get back. It takes some times for those midgets to select, test, and pack your order, so ACT NOW!. Just visit THE STUFF SECTION. We've got Evil Jake Tote Bags! Hats! Boxers! Shirts! Mugs! Mouse Pads! Bucket Hats ! Everything you desire, all with that cool Evil Jake (tm) logo. WHOO-HOO! Even Steve Miles has one. click here for details

Stay tuned for some demo CDs real soon. We plan on spending some time in the studio in Buffalo, and recording some soon-to-be-classics. (No, they're not covers). We'll be giving out some CDs at upcoming gigs, so make sure to stay tuned for future news on the Evil Jake record legacy right here..

Find some clean underwear, because the EVIL JAKE NEW YORK DEBUT is coming in NOVEMBER. You know what that means. Or maybe you don't. Well, either way, think about it. A lot. And start praying.

Bookmark this page and keep updated with the OFFICIAL EVIL JAKE BAND CAMP JOURNAL. We'll be posting regularly about the progress of Band Camp. Keep checking the journal right here.

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